BLGG Research aims to contribute to sustainable agricultural production by developing systems for soil and crop quality assessment and recommendations.

BLGG Research believes that monitoring soil and crop quality and subsequent recommendations comprise the basis for sustainable agriculture. BLGG Research develops novel analysis techniques, both at the laboratory as at location using e.g. sensor technology. Our strength lies in the conversion of analytical and sensor data into increased returns for the farmer.  

Demand for food and energy are sharply increasing due to worldwide increased living standards and increased world population. By this increasing pressure on agricultural land, the need to manage agricultural land sustainably is becoming increasingly relevant. Important management tools are soil and crop analyses, leading to crop and rotation management decision rules. This should result in optimal production while reducing risks of soil erosion and salinization. Analysis techniques include both direct techniques (e.g. chemical analysis, occurrence of pathogens) and indirect techniques (sensor technology). Such techniques must be available, thus affordable, to all farmers worldwide.